JunkScan TV Highlights

WB 7:30 - Seeker, Seeker. Thundercracker and Skywarp discover that they are twins separated at birth who are romantically pursued by gay neighbor Starscream.

NBC 8:00 - The Waspy Show. Bill Waspy stars as Dr. Buzzztable in this hit sitcom where he and his 27 children grow up in a swanky New York house. In tonight's episode, Waspy's father Jazz, the great jazz musician, comes for a visit.

NBC 8:30 - Suddenly Swindle. Swindle works for some kind of publication (we can't tell which) where he is harrassed by Judd Nelson, played by Hot Rod. What the boss doesn't know is that Swindle peddles Cybertronian drugs on the black market at lunch time.

NBC 9:00 - Bots. Hot Rod, Springer, Kup, Arcee, Ultra Magnus, and Blurr hang out in a hot liquid energon shop and talk about nothing at all.

ABC 9:30 - Blackarachnia, the Teenage Bitch. Blackarachnia goes to school and terrorizes all the boys. Then she comes home to her evil aunts, Evil Arcee and Evil Elita. They also live with a talking cat named Ravage.

Spice Channel 12:00 AM - Breast Wars. 'Nuff Said.

UPN 1:00 AM - Small Blunder. Daniel is the human son of a family of boxy alien robots from Cybertron. They are constantly amazed by his inability to do simple math.

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