Injector's Movie Review

I am shrouded in darkness. The pain plunges deep into my soul. ugly.

Yes, as the blood flows through the river of life and my spark dims with each passing cycle, I hunger. Love. Hate. Oblivion. Rejection from all circles, the pain of deceit. Why?!? Darkness surrounds me.

But I rant. Oh, yes...I rant. Rant I do, as the mirror does not lie. My perceived beauty...just a false image, hiding the ugliness of my deep, dark soul. I weep.

No! I am gorgeous! Beauty personified! My long head frills, my cute, toothy smile.

No, it is not so. I am ugly. Spike Witwicky set fire to my head last night and called me Inject-UglyBastard-or. I deserve it, for I am the void. The endless, endless void. I ate his brain, but still he mocked me, with his cries of "Oh God! The pain! I'm...blacking out."

The voices inside of me...crying out for blood. Want to kill. Must not. Must keep the demons inside of me. So ugly.

Oh, who the hell am I kidding? I am beautiful! The model of perfection!

No, it is a lie. A false vision. I cannot. Yet I must. Darkness.

What was I talking about again? Oh, yes. Doug's First Movie is the feel-good picture of the year.


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