WARendfeld Writes Season 4

Due to a television writing strike and brain tumors in the brains of several Hasbro executives, William A. Rendfeld is slated to write the fourth season of Beast Wars, tentatively named Beast Hunters.

"I AM FROM THE FUTURE AND KNOW A LOT ABOUT PROGRAMMING!" proclaimed the new writer, expressing his excitement about the project. "I have lots of great ideas."

And just what are these ideas? Mr. Rendfeld ellaborates.

"Well, I'd like to start out the season with Drill Bit, Claw Jaw, Retrax, Noctorro, and Injector, you know, the most popular characters. Here's the catch though...instead of Megatron and his Predacons, the villains will be a hostile rabbit and his two bumbling human companions!"

How do the fans feel? "This is a total outrage," commented fan and show insider Ben Yee. "His story ideas are totally outrageous, and I think he was the cause of the death of the only Hasbro executive that opposed his assignment to the project."

"Just you wait! This season is going to ROCK!" claims Rendfeld. "Wait until you see the new character who appears in episode 2! Here's a hint: It's Echowarrior. Then at the end of the season, Unicron comes! But don't worry, it all turns out okay."

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