Rattrap's Toy Review

Eh, hey there fellow bots and cons. Today, I review a toy from Marvel's Shape Shifters line. His name is Morph and his package says he transforms into a missile.

Looking at the human mode, I notice a few flaws. The feet are a bit loose and the noticeable crack on the upper torso really takes away from the illusion that this is a human. He's still better than any Animorph.

Now let's take a look at the alternate mode. Let's see, the hips swing up, the legs are inverted, the arms come down...heh heh...this is starting to look pretty funny. Next we *giggle* insert the missile launcher. Hehehehehe, this thing is hilarious! Now we take out the little tabs and voila! It's a missile! *snort* What the hell am I saying? This isn't a missile, this is a giant penis! Let's try firing the missile and...BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Oh man, this thing is TERRIBLE!

I'll just put our friend the penis next to Scattershot over here and maybe put a lock on the closet to keep Tracks out. Well, that's all for this month folks. *giggle* See ya next time.

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