How Cool Is Inferno?

We'll start bugboy off with an even 0. When he has a positive score, he's cool. way.

Spider's Game: Awesome! He's a total bad-ass! +5 points

End of Spider's Game: He got beaten by...Tigatron? Sure, stripes had help, but still...Tigatron... -3 points

Law of the Jungle: He forces Tigatron to make the first real kill in the Beast Wars. + 3 points

Other Voices: BUUUUURN, TRAITOR, BUUUUUURN! +4 points

5 Minutes Later: He got beaten by a girl. -7 points...on the other hand, the girl was Blackarachnia, so we'll give him 4 of those points back.

Aftermath: He puts himself back together from a pile of scrap and beats up on Rhinox and Dinobot. +4 points

Later in the Episode: Rhinox tosses him out of the Axalon and Megatron has to carry him away. -5 points

Throughout the Season: Just what the hell is that Queen stuff all about anyway? -4 points

Coming of the Fuzors: "FOOL! Pain is my friend! Allow me to introduce YOU to it!" Cool! +5 points

Maximal No More: He survived the battle, but did he really do much? On the other hand..."Stand your ground, traitor!" was kinda cool. +1 point

Other Visits: Rock 'em Sock 'em Robots are funny, but man, did that scene just make a total mockery of Inferno. -4 points

Code of Hero: Dinobot took him down in, what, 3 seconds? -3 points

Agenda Part 1: Did Megatron castrate him? He makes Olive Oil sound like Barry White, and his voice was a major part of what made him so cool. -4 points

Agenda Part 2: That was just about the coolest death scene I've ever seen. +5 points

Optimal Situation: What? He's not actually dead? Bleh. -6 points

Deep Metal & Changing of the Guard: Sure, he acted a bit cool, but he's a total clown now. -2 points

Deep Metal & Changing of the Guard: On the other hand, the part where he was crushed by the boulder was REALLY funny. +2 points

Cutting Edge: He whimpered when Depth Charge threw his sword at him. Dork. -1 point

Feral Scream: Where the hell is he? This is supposed to be a major story, isn't it? -2 points

The Rest of Season 3: Okay, this is getting ridiculous. Is Inferno hiding in the bathroom during every episode now? -3 points

Well, as of now, Inferno is decidedly uncool. Will he improve during Nemesis? Only time will tell.

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