Rampage To Star In Romance Movie With Meg Ryan

This June will see the release of Universal Pictures' new movie starring Meg Ryan and Rampage, a newcomer to the film industry.

The film, entitled "You Got Tail," is the romantic account of two lonely people who find happiness with each other after they meet in a universe-threatening battle. Rampage is reported to earn $20 million for his starring role.

"A lot of people are thinking, 'Oh, great, another stupid romantic chick flick, they're ALL the same,' but I assure you, this one's different in one very important way," commented Ryan.

"You see, if this was a typical movie of the genre," explains Rampage, "we would spend two hours smooching an' stuff, but not here. After I meet the female lead, I invite her over to my place, see? Then, after a bit of flirting, I slice off her skullcap and start with the best part, the brains. After I've eaten the brain, I slowly consume the spine. Her terror is delicious, but her sinew is even better! Yummy!"

Ryan states, "There's a lot of romantic subtext in this movie. The characters really come alive to the audience."

"Yes, especially during the chainsaw scene. Test audiences loved that one. I think the part where my character draws and quarters Meg's character while chanting weird passages from Ancient Cybertronian religious texts really stands out."

The film, rated NC-17 for the unprecedented amount of senseless violence, will be out in theaters early this summer. If box office numbers are good, a direct-to-video sequel, "Blood Loss in Boston," will follow.

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