Wheelie Reflects on Life in the Transformers Universe
by JHooksX, Special to the WWNP

While reminiscing about the old days, I thought of this rhyme. I hope when you read it you have a good time!

A is for Axalon, where the Maximals stayed,

B is for Blackarachnia, who had Silverbolt spayed.

C is for Cheetor, you know he likes pie,

D is for Dinobot, the tragic hero guy.

E is for Echowarrior, who has great aim in turn,

F is for fire that Inferno likes to BUUUUUURN!!!

G is for Groove, he was a protector,

H is for Hooks, who has a Subsector!

I is for Iacon, that's the Autobots' hood,

J is for Junkions, who think refuse is good!

K is for Kranix, that one guy in the movie,

L is for Lithone, the planet crunchy and chewy!

M is for Maximals, they have cool beast skin,

N is for never (are the Decepticons gonna win!)

O is for Optimus, legendary and heroic,

P is for Primal, he really likes to "Blow It!"

Q is for Quickstrike, whose speech is a jest,

R is for Rap, the music Jazz likes best.

S is for Silverbolt, who always is pure.

T is for Tracks, whose sexuality is unsure.

U is for Unicron, it pleases him to be the first,

V is for villains, the Quints are the worst.

W is for Waspinator, who is loved by all of us,

X is for Xaaron, who lived a warrior ans died to an Primus.

Y is for "Yesss...", Megs says to his handy friend,

Z is for "Zowwy!" and "Kablam!" it's the end.

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