JunkScan TV Highlights

Fox 7:00PM - Morph's Greatest Secrets Revealed. Marvel Shapeshifter Morph reveals just where he scanned in a penis for an alternate mode.

VH1 8:00PM - Reflector: Behind the Music. A documentary telling the story of all five minutes of Reflector's fame as a rock band. Included: The uncensored video of Mmm-Bot!

UPN 8:00PM - Star Trek: Voyeur. Runabout and Runamuck watch Seven of Nine in the shower.

QVC 8:30PM - Transking's ***SEALED C-10 CASE FRESH*** Toy Sale. Highlights include: Wheelie, starting at 97865:00, and the ultra-rare Jumpstarters for only 7836376473:00 a piece.

Comedy Central 9:00PM - Win Ironhide's Energon. Outsmart the brightest of all Autobots for a chance to win *his* energon.

Fox Family Channel 10:00PM - Peter Cullen's Family Hour. An hour of cartoons with no violence at all. None. Zippo. Kids won't be warped by senseless violence or plot.

Aussie TV 11:00PM - Outback's Chunderific Dingy Figgler Fopple. It's a biplot niferry diggery do, mate! Must be 21 or older to watch.

NBC 11:30PM - Late Night with Blot. Stupid Pet Tricks: Host Blot eats a raw fish in front of a live audience.



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