Fox 8:00PM - Cops in Autobot City. Starscream is arrested for drug possession and body possession.

Nickelodeon 8:30PM - Nick at Nite shows a marathon of I Love Carly episodes for those who have only seen each episode 20,000 times.

The WB 9:00PM - Hot Rod's Creek. Four Autobots: Hot Rod, Arcee, Springer, and Ultra Magnus grow up in Autobot City and learn lessons about sex, life, sex, growing up, and sex. On tonight's episode, Hot Rod and Arcee have sex.

TNN 9:30PM - Quickstrike's Hillbilly Hoedown. Quickstrike gets drunk and talks to his hand.

MTV 10:00PM - Runabout and Runamuck. Two Decepticons curse at each other for thirty minutes.

Comedy Central 10:00PM - Beast Park. Rattrap, Rhinox, Tarantulas, and Megatron curse at each other for thirty minutes.

BET 10:30PM - Cooking With Terrorclaw. Terrorclaw fills the only half hour of BET's programming schedule not dedicated to Def Comedy Jam and reruns of Roc with a delightful cooking show.

Showtime 1:00AM - Tracks After Dark. See how fun a pizza delivery can be.

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