Starscream Shouts Out

Attention Transformers everywhere! I come to you today to discuss a dire matter. No, I do not refer to the Autobot/Decepticon struggle that engulfs our society. I do not refer to the lack of energon to settle our difference through peace or war. I refer to a misperception that many of you seem to have: That I, Air Commander Starscream of the Decepticon Army, am gay. Many times have I tried to rectum...I mean rectify this, but few listen and fewer believe me. For too long, I have tried to come over this hump, but you all just keep screwing me AGAIN and AGAIN. It started out as a little joke. Yes, some of you had a laugh, but then it began to GROW and SURGE until the situation just EXPLODED and it was no longer in my hands. So this is my final warning! Stop bending my words and actions, or I'll do each and every one of you! I AM NOT GAY!

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