A Galvatron With Feelings

BWAAAAAAAAAAAAA! How many times have we heard that trademark scream? Tricked by the Quintessons? BWAAAAAAAAAAAA! Foiled again by Rodimus Prime? BWAAAAAAAAA! Watching your planet eaten by a big-ass transformer? BWAAAAAAA!

But Galvatron tells a different story. "I'm sick and tired of my fellow Decepticons thinking I'm some kind of nutty psycho. Don't they realize that I have feelings too?" He emphasized this by shooting Soundwave.



The mentally challenged Decepticon commander expressed the pain he feels when his comrades make these assumptions. "Whenever I point my gun in someone's direction and start yelling obsceneties, they automatically assume that I'm going to open fire. That hurts me right here," uttered a depressed Galvatron, clutching his heart. Galvatron then proceded to blow Cyclonus's head off and put his feet up on Cyclonus's charred body.

"Look, just remember, I may seem crazy and violent, but I have feelings too. Hey, you, what are you doing with that? BWAAAAAAAAAAAA!" *BOOM*

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