Reflector Tops Charts with "Mmm-Bot!"

Autobot strategists are hard pressed to counteract the Decepticon's latest publicity drive, which is sweeping Cybertronian pop-culture. With their hit single "Mmm-Bot!" topping the
charts and breaking all previous sales records, it seems the tidal wave of fame being experienced by those three young camera-guys named Reflector will not be ending any time soon.

"We thought we were destined to walk around saying the same things at the same time," said all three guys at the same time in a recent interview, "but we realized that that problem could be turned to our advantage." The three Decepticons, whom Megatron simply refers to as "you", "you", and "you with the round thingy" approached Megatron with their plan to become the next Cyber-teen idols. Following is an excerpt from their unauthorized biography, entitled "We Even Excrete Together," that recounts that historic moment:

Megatron: So, you three have a plan for conquering Cybertron that you wish to share with me?

Reflector: Yes, mighty Megatron! We wish to form a rock band!

Megatron: Ah! I see! And you will put hynotic suggestions in your music to turn the Autobots into our slaves! EXCELLENT!

Reflector: Well, not _exactly_ your profuse greatness...we simply wish ourselves.

Megatron: Oh, so you want to "impress" the populace with hypersonic signals to deafen the naive audience and shake buildings to the ground. A cunning plan if I ever heard one!

Reflector: Well, that's not _quite_ it, your magnificence...

Megatron: Arghhh! Whatever! Get out of my sight you—YOU—AND YOU WITH THE ROUND THINGY!

From that historic first moment, the new band seemed destined for greatness. Today, Reflecto-mania is going strong, and nary a Cybertronian seems capable of ceasing to chant "Mmm-Bot!" over and over and over throughout their daily activities. In fact, it almost seems like an epidemic. It must be stopped, no matter the cost. Mmm-Bot!

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