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Submitted for your approval: a whole mess o' trivia questions about The World's Worst FanFic series. The solutions will be revealed in a future edition of the World's Worst Newspaper, but until then feel free to dig through the archives in search of the answers. We'll be accepting entries from now until whenever we decide to post the answer key. At that time, the entrants with the most correct answers will win. Something. E-mail your submissions to PerceptorTFWW.



T/F: In Road Trip, the Maximals took a ride inside Ratchet.

In the World's Worst Drinking Game, how many drinks must be taken if Reflector speaks?

Which real life Transfan commanded the Maximals in the Killer Bot King Man fics?

How many WWFFs have had "Rhinox and Rattrap" in the title?

In which fanfic does Ironhide give a tour of the Ark?

Name all of the various parts on Abebird.

Who is Megatron's highly intelligent, well-placed subliminal spy?

What has been shown to be Echowarrior's favorite drink?

What is the name of the British game hunter with the older-than-dirt butler?

Whose WWFF Universe entry included an alt mode with an afro?

Bludgeon once started a cult with this as its religious leader.

Name four characters who WARendfeld invented (characters with existing toys do not count).

What is the name of the alternate universe gestalt formed by the Dinobots?

Who did Megatron have an affair with while Abebird went missing?

What is the name of Reflector's hit single?

Which fanfic featured a cannibalistic Deanna Troi?

This character is actually Walky's head on a Transformer body.

What was the last stated score of the World's Worst Superbowl?

Echowarrior is proud of whose great aim?

Name two items that Echowarrior has taken the Maximals to the North Pole to retrieve.

Which of these WARendfeld fanfics don't exist: "Mission Not Possible", "Not Enough Time", "Return to Cybertron", "Rescue", "The Trial of Megatron"



T/F: There was an actual character named Pie.

How did the Maximals and Predacons hop dimensions in the World's Worst Sequel?

Which of the following was not a rallying cry invented by Rodimus: "Let's get ready and go!" "Let's kick it!" "Let's get in gear!"

Who wrote a fanfic with the purpose of maximizing the number of drinks taken in the drinking game?

Which of the following has not appeared in a WWFF: Jabberjaw, the Hamburglar, Secret Squirrel, Yogi Bear

Who does Megatron refer to as "The Human Devil?"

Who merges Rhinox with the Deathstar?

What are the three trials that Cheetor must pass to join Terrorclaw's gang and who is the unfortunate object of those trials?

"The World's Worst Fanfic Cliches" was based on a list written by this ATTer.

Which fic featured a Quintesson named Balthazar?

"Revenge fics" were written to spite which three Transfans?

T/F: We never managed to find parts of WARendfeld's original saga.

Who tricked Tigatron and Airazor into getting married so he could get bigger quarters?

Who represented Newman in "WARendfeld: The Final Episode?"

What is Terrorclaw's theme song?

Episodes of Sister, Sister and Smart Guy mutated the superstructures of the Maximals in which fic?

T/F: Prime proposes to Elita at a football game.




In what fanfic do the aliens force the Beast Warriors to dance?

Which fanfic featured a scene where Springer kicked Rodimus out of the bath tub?

Which fanfic featured the appearance of Khan?

Name two different WWFF that contained the death of one or both of WARendfeld's parents.

What is the name of Kup's old age home?

Who prank called Dinobot in a parody of Scream?

WARendfeld's mother was once revealed to be this Decepticon in disguise.

Name two humans who have been considered for leadership of a faction.

Who describes himself as the Robot Train?

How many WWNP articles have been about law suits?

Name three game shows that Starscream has been shown to appear on.

In which fic did Blackarachnia sing a parody of Copa Cobana?

This character is actually Picard42's head on a Transformer body.

List two different names that the young male protohuman has gone by in WWFFs.


Very Hard

In the Death and Return of Optimus Prime, which DC Universe character was each Prime supposed to represent?

What is the name of Picard42's guinea pig, who has a taste for human blood?

Who is revealed to be binary bonded to Hitler?

In which fic did a human named Reginald pop in, yell "Decepticons!" and run away for no reason?

In what month of the year was WARendfeld's "A Beast Wars Christmas" posted?

What fanfic was originally posted in a cleaner version and a director's cut?

How much did WARendfeld attempt to charge the writers of WWFF for each use of Echowarrior in a fanfic, and who was Echowarrior allowed to be attacking in order for him to waive the charge?


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