JunkScan TV Highlights

CBS 7:00 - Sixty-Million Cycles. Kup and Alpha Trion host this popular newsmagazine, which includes the popular Huffer segment in which he complains about anything and everything.

CBS 8:00 - Dork and Windy. Cheetor plays an alien moron who moves to prehistoric Earth and partners up with a flatulent rhino.

WB 8:00 - Huffer the Vampire Slayer. After complaining about everything and anything, Huffer slays energy-vampires while complaining about his bad back.

NBC 8:30 - Diff'rent Voks. Two kidnapped Maximals move in with a rich alien that looks like a Quintesson with four heads missing. "Whatchu talkin' bout, Airazor?"

CBS 9:00 - Labuuuuurn and Girly. Inferno and Tracks move into an apartment and try to prove that they can make it on their own.

Fox 9:00 - Ally McDeal. Swindle and the other Combaticons work for a law firm in this humorous drama.

WB 9:00 - Iniquity. Various evil Decepticons go to college in New York City and beat up on the muggers and the hookers.

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