Allegiance: Autobot
Function: Builder Of Many Things
First WWFF appearance: The World's Worst Fanfic

"I built a machine to build machines!"

Profile: Wheeljack is the resident inventor at the Autobot camp. Rarely doing any actual fighting, he sits around in the Ark and builds useless machines. For some reason, these machines that are built for oddly specific purposes are often needed just after they're built. Optimus Prime has, for a long time, tried to explain this phenomenon, but the other Autobots just chalk it up to bad writing.

Abilities: As mentioned before, Wheeljack builds machines. Fast. That's about it, really. Although he has a missile launcher, it's speculated that it just launched machines.

Weaknesses: Wheeljack's main weakness is that he's a nasty chain smoker who not only inhales tobacco, but eats the ash when he's done. At times, Wheeljack consumes up to six packs per day. His throat and respiratory systems have deteriorated to the point that he requires a light-up voice box in order to speak. He wears a mask over his mouth so the other Autobots don't have to see his hideous tar-stained teeth.

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