Allegiance: Autobot
Function: *censored*
First WWFF Appearance: The World's Worst Fanfic

"Me love you long time."

Profile: Tracks is one of the Autobots the Decepticons fear most. When he hits the scene and aims his powerful weapon, Megatron and his cronies go running in a state of horror. While the reason for this sheer terror is unknown, it is postulated that Tracks has the ability to discharge powerful waves to achieve the effect he desires. With his bosom buddy Raul behind him, he fights the good fight alongside his fellow Autobots.

Abilities: Tracks is equipped with a fully cocked standard issue Autobot laser rifle. He also carries an eight inch long missile launcher, whose size impresses Autobot and Decepticon alike. Nothing brings him more joy than nailing a Decepticon with his launcher and then for the climax, polishing his opponent off with a quick pulse from his beam emitter. Watch your back, because when Tracks comes up from behind and fires off a shot, it's always better for him than it is for you!

Weaknesses: Tracks's strong feelings for his comrades have gotten him into trouble on more than a few occassions. He is often caught red-handed sneaking into Starscream's room late at night to steal Decepticon secrets. However, this usually doesn't mean much danger for Tracks, since for some inexplicable reason, he seems to enjoy being tortured.

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