Allegiance: Predacon
Function: No Limit Soldier
First WWFF Appearance: Coming of the Fuzors: Revised: Revised


Profile: Terrorclaw, a.k.a. Anthony Craig, used to bully William Rendfeld in school until he was turned into a crab/alligator fuzor by aliens fighting the Vekk. Thrust into the middle of the Beast Wars, he was created to be Echowarrior's opposite number. Since then, his situation has gone generally downhill. He joined Megatron's band of outlaws on prehistoric Earth and later returned to Cybertron where he assembled a gang of hoods from Earth. When his gang proved to be really sucky, it was taken over by Alternate Universe Soundwave (the one with the goatee) who took them back to the 1980s for some new wacky adventures.

Abilities: Terroclaw can amazingly form a letter W with his claw hands, hold his hand aloft, and utter, "WeStSiDe!" Decked out in the latest Tommy Hilfiger fashions, he often wins battles by simply blinding his opponents with a bright yellow jacket. When all else fails, he whips out his dual gangsta-guns and starts blasting away.

Weaknesses: Terrorclaw has the head of an African-American boy who looks unfortunately like an escapee from "Fat Albert." He can never manage a sneak attack because his presence is always revealed by the "Sanford and Son" theme song which mysteriously plays whenever he approaches.

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