Ruckus' robot mode looks like ass on a stick. So does his vehicle mode. Ruckus' really likes anything that has to do with ass. He has recently opened a series of restaurants called Maison du Ass. This roughly translates to "House of Ass". Ruckus' doesn't even know French, he just likes the word ass. The only real time Ruckus' has gotten into a battle was when he joined up with Thunderwing's posse. All he did was mouth off and get his ass bitch-slapped by the cool, god-like Thunderwing. He really did deserve it.

Mainly in his spare time he likes to cruise the beaches and piers and follow small children, constantly revving his engines to scare them. He also likes moonshine. In large quantities. After he and his fellow Triggercons have gotten boozed up on Moonshine and some PCP, they go out and loot Radio Shack and Circuit City. Oh yeah, and his hobby is ass. He looks like ass, and his room is adorned with drawings of asses or pictures of asses he took while lurking outside peoples windows. Ruckus has been arrested 34 times for indecent exposure and thrice for pornography charges.

— Mad Max (NOT the usual TFWWers)
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