Allegiance: Decepticon
Function: Rock Superstars
First WWFF Appearance: The World's Worst Newspaper #2


Profile: The musical trio known as Reflector started their careers at the young age of two million. At Ramjet's Bar Mitzvah, Spyglass got Viewfinder and Spectro drunk through their mental link and they started getting jiggy with it. The three Decepticons spent a dizzying few months at the top, during which they won several Grammy awards and alternatively abused various hallucinogens or stayed at the Betty Ratchet Clinic. Now, with their fifteen minutes of fame over, they fight alongside Megatron and his army for galactic conquest.

Abilities: Reflector's most amazing ability is the power to make himself invisible to other Transformers, humans, and video cameras. When the Decepticons were first stranded on Earth, they hadn't properly honed their abilities yet, but after several episodes—er—months, Reflector was nowhere to be found, using their elusive stealth abilities to spy on the Autobots without anyone noticing. In fact, they once somehow managed to stay mostly hidden during a crucial spy mission from the year 1985 until the year 2007. When they are somehow caught on film, they rarely speak a single word.

Weaknesses: As a result of their mental link, Viewfinder, Spyglass, and Spectro feel the same urges all at once. This can be a real problem when there is only one waste disposal unit available.

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