Allegiance: Confecticon (briefly Maximal)
Function: Tasty Dessert
First WWFF Appearance: The World's Worst Fanfic

"Like me."

Profile: Matched only by annoyances such as Wheelie, Cheetor, the Witwickies and Echowarrior in his ability to be everywhere at all times, Pie has been instrumental in the outcomes of most of the battles of the Great War. Well, not "instrumental", really. If it were an instrument, it'd be like the triangle. And not even a triangle with a solo. So it was there, but nobody noticed. At any rate, Pie's similarities with the Witwickies end at his seeming omnipresence, as he is the one participant in the Transformers' war that is almost universally liked. Pie did briefly take an active part in the conflict alongside his frequent companion Cheetor, but since then he has returned to his sedentary, unobtrusive, but most of all lovable role as reward for eating all your vegetables.

Abilities: Pie is liked by all. He can also change flavors at will and no matter how much he is eaten, he never seems to go away. (This is an ability he shares with Primal.) While a Maximal, Pie carried heavy weapons ranging from heavy chainguns to lethally-accurate laser weapons. Most of the time, though, he just has a tender, flaky crust and a warm, home-baked flavor.

Weaknesses: Though no one knows it, Pie is secretly very fond of Cheetor.

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