Allegiance: Autobot
Function: Danged If I Know, Mate!
First WWFF Appearance: World's Worst ScreenShot (10-17-1998)

"G'day, mate! 'ave any of you giffly goots seen m'diggery do?"

Profile: This blangity flit's gunteply fop is second to none. When he dings his filgewn and chunders, the Decepticons start running. A gerdingo pepilodent, he chucks repogernies with his fellow Autobots, which they all enjoy a great deal. A troppish bot, he often uptrans his flowel crange until he crats the bedilly fop, mate. Beer.

Abilities: Outback doesn't have any real abilities to speak of, other than the ability to confuse the hell out of Autobots and Decepticons alike. This ability comes in handy when Outback doesn't want to participate in a mission. One mention of goat foggity loopies and Optimus decides to pick someone else. Outback's best friend is Wreck-Gar, who, since seeing Crocodile Dundee, understands every word Outback says.

Weaknesses: Outback's greatest weakness is that he looks almost exactly like Brawn. This causes serious problems, especially when other Autobots challenge him to an arm wrestling match and slam him into the floor before he can protest (some Autobots however, do this on purpose). Ratchet often has to repair Outback after his head has been smashed open by Omega Supreme. Sometimes, though, he puts this off for as long as possible.

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