Killer Bot King Man
First appearance: Killer Bot King Man
Allegiance: Whatever's convenient to the plot

"Your head would make a great chafing dish."

Valiant, brave, and fearless are three words that don't describe Killer Bot King Man. Created when someone opened the wrong stasis pod, KBKM was originally a very powerful Predacon. Then, under the leadership of Rob Jung, he joined the Maximals. He has the head of a 20-year-old boy from Indiana. Don't ask.

Killer Bot Queen Girl
First appearance: Killer Bot Queen Girl
Allegiance: Green Bay Packers

"I'm the female prop."

Killer Bot Queen Girl is cute. This much is known. She's only been in one fic, so she hasn't had much personality yet. 'Course, these are WWFFs, so don't expect any further personality EVER. Sorry. But she's cute.

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