Allegiance: Autobot
Function: Dumbass
First WWFF Appearance: The World's Worst FanFic


Profile: "Ah like shiny things" sums up Ironhide's philosophy on life. If Ironhide were any dumber, he'd be brain-dead. Due to his incompetence, Prime trusts him to do absolutely nothing, relegating him to menial tasks like taking out the garbage and bathroom patrol. His gruff exterior hides his kind inner soul; his concern for the protection of life, whether mechanical or biochemical, extends to the lowliest gasketroid or smallest sparrow, unless you touch him, in which case he'll beat you until you bleed out of your ears.

Abilities: Ironhide's fantastic abilities include the ability to not understand a situation and the power to completely miss the point. These amazing abilities are most useful when performing complicated tasks like walking and sleeping. Ironhide is in need of more repair than any other Autobot due to his tendency to walk into walls and off of cliffs. One time, Ironhide forgot who he was and blew Ratchet's arm off.

Weaknesses: See abilities.

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