Allegiance: Human
Function: Chick Magnet
First WWFF Appearance: The World's Worst Fanfic April Fool's Special

"That's not a spoiler!"

Profile: James Hooks was a normal human until the mysterious Vekk...wait, wrong human. Hooks is just a guy who gets women. All of them. Thanks for taking all of the women, Hooks. You could've left some for me, but noooo, I have to go dateless while you have sex with many anonymous partners. I must live my life alone and unloved, while you do the nasty with any woman you want, you dirty bastard! Damn you! You blew all up! You...*AHEM* Hooks lived happily until Cheetor accidentally left his oven on while the Maximals and Predacons attempted to find him, burning his house down.

Abilities: As a friend of Bob Forward, Hooks has access to the power of the purple headed pole. These powers include teleportation and energy discharge (mind out of the gutter, you). He also has the ability to instantly generate large collages with the snap of his fingers.

Weaknesses: Hooks greatest weakness is that for some reason, he attracts flames like a pile of dead leaves. Everything he says, no matter how innocent, is responded to with a nasty message. His most notorious enemy is the evil PDilloway, who has been known to flame Hooks, leave never to come back, and then come back and repeat the cycle again.

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