Allegiance: Maximal
Function: Self Insertion Character
First WWFF Appearance: Coming of the Fuzors Revised: Revised


Profile: A long time ago, on a planet known as Earth, there was a boy named Willaim A. Rendfeld. Young William had a penchant for a toy line called Beast Wars: Transformers. He entertained himself by writing Beast Wars fanfiction, starring a character who was his own head on a dolphin/bat fuzor's body. This character was Echowarrior. Created by the Vekk, a mysterious Teletubby-like offshoot of the Vok, Echowarrior aids the Maximals in their battle against the Predacons and the search for various items found at the North Pole. Despite his parents' murders by the evil Megatron, Echowarrior remains freakishly positive and, along with his brother, Ramblast, helps the Maximals in their never-ending battle for truth, justice, and the fish sandwich way.

Abilities: Echowarrior possesses more abilities than you can shake a stick at, but several are used more often than the others. One is an uncanny "future vision" that allows him to know of events before they occur (although we now know that this is just the result of Rendfeld having previously written these same events). He is also equipped with the ability to totally suppress any emotions, no matter how tragic an event has occurred. Most amazing of all is Echowarrior's ability to efficiently control his body with that tiny head of his and not shoot his own toes off with his laser-crossbow.

Weaknesses: Echowarrior's main weakness is that his head is as weak and feeble as that of a human. This means that one shot to the face could be the end of our favorite dolphin/bat fuzor. However, both the Predacons and the Maximals have given up any hope of this happening.

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