Allegiance: WARendfeld
Function: Love Interest
First WWFF Appearance: Not Enough Time


Profile: The hound known as Duchess used to be a normal dog—that is, until WARendfeld's appropriately named "The Coming," when the Animorphs accidentally turned her into a gigantic dog with a scorpion tail who morphs into a beautiful, twelve foot tall, swimsuit-clad woman. Although she started out as Echowarrior's love interest, she has recently become involved with Silverbolt. Little does she know that Echowarrior still has feelings for her. In the absence of one of her suitors, she is happy to simply hump Primal's command chair. One thing is for certain: no matter who Duchess is involved with, she is one nasty bitch...literally.

Abilities: Duchess has many of the same abilities as other dogs. This includes the ability to bury important ojects and sniff other dogs' asses at unprecedented speeds. Like some other Animorphs, she communicates telepathically. Oddly, this ability allows her to order food from replicators, which don't have brains with which to telepathically communicate.

Weaknesses: Duchess's greatest weakness is that she is a dog. This means that she has no opposable thumbs. This is a real problem when she needs to type and pushes the keys down with her tongue (although the real problem is when Ramblast needs to type something immediately afterwards). Also, she often needs to be walked right in the middle of a battle with the Predacons.

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