Allegiance: Maxibot
Function: Appeal to younger viewers
First WWFF appearance: Beast Wars: Corpsemasters


Profile: Cheetlebee is cheerful, bumbling, and yellow. And that’s all he is, at least according to his fellow poorly-characterized Corpsemasters. He also wants to defeat the evil Predacons.

Cheetlebee’s exo-structure is actually the hollowed-out shell of the Autobot Bumblebee, now inhabited by the Maximal Cheetor. This rather disturbing pairing came about in an attempt to enable Cheetor and the other Maximals to survive some sort of big swirly temporal thingie. It’ll probably be corrected by the end of the series, though, so don’t think about it too hard.

Abilities: As a Corpsemaster, Cheetlebee has all the skills and special abilities of the original Bumblebee. Basically, this means that he can go really far on a low tank of gas, a talent which is singularly useless on prehistoric and therefore pre-super-unleaded Earth. Cheetlebee’s best friend is the early anthropoid Ugh Witwicky, who, as Cheetlebee’s TrogMaster partner, becomes the mighty Ughthumper, transforming from a primitive australopithecine into a large stick with a rock stuck in one end.

Weaknesses: Cheetlebee’s small stature, low strength and minimal firepower would be a disadvantage in any other medium, but as a character designed to appeal to younger audiences, he is practically invulnerable. He is not, however, immune to being employed for comic relief and the occasional bit of demeaning slapstick humor.

Cheetlebee secretly aspires to have a personality all his own.

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