Runabout and Runamuck
Allegiance: Decepticon Function: Hoodlums
First WWFF Appearance: The World's Worst Fanfic

"Huh huh. Tracks is gay." "Yeah. Heh heh."

Profile: Runabout and Runamuck's favorite activities include spray painting national monuments, watching Beavis & Butthead episodes, and calling various Transformers gay. Their shining moment was their involvement in the attack on Unicron, during which they were eaten by the large planet.

Abilities: These two don't have any actual abilities, so it is a good thing they never fight anyone. They just stand around and make annoying comments while everyone else does the fighting. Every once in a while, they accidentally hurt someone, making them at least partially useful.

Weaknesses: Runabout and Runamuck have about the collective intelligence of a toe fungus, which makes them twice as smart as Ironhide. They also share another weakness: Their robot modes look like torsos mounted on shopping carts. This often results in homeless old ladies stealing them and putting their prized possessions (usually some grungy clothes, booze, and old pottery) inside of them.

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