Alternate Universe Tracks
Allegiance: Autobot
Function: Lady's Man
First WWFF Appearance: Til One Is All

"What's a find femme-bot like you doing without me?"

Profile: Tracks is one of the most dangerous of the Autobots who live in the Alternate Universe created accidentally by Echowarrior. Tracks, like most of the Alternate Universe Autobots, is a ruthless murderer. He'll kill without hesitation if someone gets in his way, even if that someone is a fellow Autobot. Although Alternate Universe Tracks is currently deceased, that hasn't stopped other Transformers from coming back.

Abilities: The ability that Tracks considers most important is his ability to attract women. Like a robotic Arthur Fonzarelli, he snaps his fingers and the ladies come running. Among his bevy of beauties were Arcee and Elita One, who were killed accidentally by Tracks himself shortly before his own untimely death. Alternate Universe Tracks also takes pride in his fighting skills and is one of the Autobots' most efficient killers.

Weaknesses: Since Tracks attracts women so easily, he often ignores his own appearance. This sometimes leads to embarassing situations where male Transformers vomit at the mere sight of him.

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