Alternate Universe Soundwave

Allegiance: Decepticon

Function: Bad Ass Mofo

First WWFF Appearance: Til One is All

"I pity da fool!"

Profile: When Echowarrior accidentally took too much time in the bathroom, he missed a Predacon attack, inadvertantly creating an alternate timeline. In the future of this timeline, the Decepticons were a noble race who were hunted by the evil Autobot Empire, led by the alternate universe Ironhide. Most of the Decepticons of this timeline were peaceful, but one strayed from the pack: Soundwave (the one with the goatee). Now, thanks to another mistake by Echowarrior, Alternate Universe Soundwave lives in the normal timeline, bitter about the destruction of his universe, and angry at Autobot and Decepticon alike. Now that he has taken command of Terrorclaw's gang, he has gone back to the 1980s to cause trouble, gangsta style.

Abilities: Alternate Universe Soundwave shares many of the abilities of normal Soundwave. He can build machines with the best of them and possesses a great strategic mind. In addition, this version of Soundwave is a fierce warrior who "don't take no shit from nobody." He also has a mouth that's dirtier than the bathrooms at Grand Central Station, which can sometimes intimidate an opponent into submission. Perhaps his greatest ability is that he's a jive-talking, bad-ass cop killa from da ghetto. Word.

Weaknesses: Unlike normal Soundwave, Alternate Universe Soundwave is brash and impulsive, acting on instincts way too often. He is also cursed with a gang full of bumbling humans and Terrorclaw. However, he hopes to surpass these obstacles and become a credible menace in the world he now occupies.

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