Allegiance: Autobot
Function: Girl
First WWFF appearance: The World's Worst Fanfic

"Tee hee!"

Profile: Arcee is the token girl of the Autobot army. Since she is the only female in the 2005 timeframe, she has been matched up with everyone from Hot Rod to Springer to Wheelie to Outback, the last of whom claims she's a gefongerific lay. Although her true origins have not yet been revealed, it is theorized that the Barbie package designers came up with her color scheme. She is often mocked for her Leia buns, since by her time, they're almost 30 years out of style.

Abilities: Eh-heh...well...aside from the obvious abilities she gets simply by virtue of being a female, she doesn't really DO anything. Seriously, when during the whole show did she ever make any real difference? Hell, the movie was a massive toy commercial and she didn't do sh*t. All she did was burst the water pipe that swept Daniel away, which would have been a great contribution had he not come back.

Weaknesses: She has Daniel Witwicky for a head. How much weaker can you get?

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