Allegiance: Decepticon?
Function: Mastermind
First WWFF Appearance: Atlantis Arise: Revised (as Abe), Return of the Nightbird (as Abebird)


Profile: Silent as the night and swift as a jungle cat, Abebird strikes fear into the hearts of all he encounters. Although his true motivations are always a mystery, Abebird has shown a fierce loyalty to the love of his life, Megatron. Currently, Abebird is the legless torso of Nightbird with the head of the Abraham Lincoln statue and the ears of Cyclonus. His lack of legs has forced him to walk around on his hands. Suffice it to say, he has really big pecs.

Abilities: Abebird is the ultimate fusion of Abraham Lincoln and Nightbird. As such, he is maniacally intelligent, a master of ninjitsu, and amazingly stealthy, often disappearing for long periods of time. He rides around in the transwarp-powered Lincoln Memorial.

Weaknesses: Abebird has a strange habit of losing parts of her body at the most inopportune times, only to have them replaced with parts from other beings. He also has a habit of running off at the mouth and sending hubby Megatron into uncontrollable fits. Perhaps most annoying is the inability of others to determing Abe's sex correctly.

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