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Continuity Notes

The World's Worst FanFic Universe is based on the G1 cartoon universe, which for our purposes includes the events of the Beast Wars. Most of the in-continuity WWFFs take place in 1986, between the end of the second season of the cartoon and the movie. Also during this time period, the events of WARendfeld's continuity fanfics (NOT his Sagas) take place, specifically the events that lead up to the creation of the Maximal Star Platform Alpha in the year 1999. Wherever our fanfics contradict's WAR's, ours should be taken as canon for the WWFF Universe. Basically, this means that all of WAR's characters have been killed off in our universe and are never coming back. Ever.

And now, without further adieu, Perc 'n Pic present the much needed World's Worst FanFic Universe Timeline to help you sorry readers figure out the chronologal mess that are The Abebird Files.

(The WWFF in which the events occurred is noted after each entry. Entries with no WWFF listed are canon, but were not explicitly described in a WWFF. Clicking on highlighted entries lets you jump to the event that follows from the point of view of the time travelling characters.)

11 million years ago The Quintessions build Cybertron and create the first Transformers.
9 million years ago The Transformers gain sentience and rebel against the Quintessons, driving them off of Cybertron.
4 million years ago The Ark and the Nemesis crash on Earth.

< 4 million years ago
(The Beast Wars)

The Axalon and a Predacon ship crash on Earth, beginning the Beast Wars.

Echowarrior arrives in the Beast Wars.

Echowarrior creates the Alternate Universe and subsequently destroys it. (Till One Is All)

Abebird, Thunderwing, Bludgeon, and Mintor arrive in the Beast Wars. (Pretender to the Name)

Abebird gets new legs, which are clones of Optimus Primal's. (Pretender to the Name)

Ironhide arrives in the Beast Wars. (Time Travails)

Nightbeat, Siren, and Prowl arrive in the Beast Wars with the stolen Decepticon time machine. (The Road Not Taken)

Abebird, Thunderwing, Bludgeon, and Mintor leave the Beast Wars in the Autobot shuttle. (The Road Not Taken)

Prowl, Nightbeat, Siren, Ironhide, and the Maximals leave the Beast Wars using the stolen Decepticon time machine. (The Road Not Taken)

1984 The Autobots and Decepticons awaken on Earth.



The Decepticons steal Nightbird and use her for evil, but the Autobots defeat her and put her in storage.

Megatron and the Sub-Atlanticans try to take over Washington, D.C. Megatron meets Abraham Lincoln and takes his head. (Atlantis Arise: Revised)


Megatron brainwashes Ironhide, who becomes his well-placed, highly intelligent, subliminal spy.

The Decepticons rescue Nightbird from the Autobots, but she gets decapitated. Megatron gives her the head of Abraham Lincoln, creating Abebird. (Return of the Nightbird)

The Abebird from a few months in the future warns his past self about the alteration of the future timeline when Unicron fails to make Megatron his herald. The near-future Abebird delivers present Abebird to the future to fix the timeline, and then returns to the near-future. (The Rubber Bung)

Ironhide, under the control of Megatron, kills many of the Autobots. They are brought back to life by Primus. (Autobot Secret Files & Origins)

The Quintessons try something sinister, but are thwarted by Blaster, Raul, and the gang. (Blaster's Big Blowout)

Abebird returns from the future after fixing the timeline.

Abebird goes missing, and Megatron thinks she's left him. He cheats on her with a femme-bot named Roadkill. Abebird returns dressed in Hawaiian clothes. (All the Wrong Places)

Megatron marries Abebird, Optimus Prime marries Elita-1, Spike marries Carly, and some other guys get married too. (Four Weddings and a Funeral)

Soundwave builds Abebird a walking apparatus, since he lost his legs in the future. (Two Heads Are Better Than One)

Megatron and Ratchet are temporarily fused together. (Two Heads Are Better Than One)

Abebird disappears to his tropical island again. (Two Heads Are Better Than One)

Abebird's walking apparatus is destroyed. (Two Heads Are Better Than One)

Ironhide practices the fine art of monkey tossing. (The Tale of the Hippie Glasses)

The Decepticons build a time machine to travel back in time a few days and stop Megatron from buying a pair of hippie glasses. (The Tale of the Hippie Glasses)

On the way back from the past, one of Swindle's White Castle Holes (TM) disrupts the timestream, bringing the Transformers in contact with Green Lantern. Abebird ends up with GL's finger attached to his forehead and a spiffy pair of hippie glasses. (The Tale of the Hippie Glasses)

Alternate Universe Soundwave and his gang arrive in 1985.

Terrorclaw dies. Horrorclaw joins AU Swoundwave's gang. (Gang War)

AU Soundwave's gang builds Toys "B" Us. (Gang War)

Bludgeon, Thunderwing, and Mintor and AU Soundwave's gang do battle, using hyponotized Tranformers. The two gangs are consolidated under Abebird's command. (Gang War)

Shockwave reveals that he faced Mintor during the 4 million years that Megatron was lost in space, and that Mintor is powerful beyond imagination. (Gang War)

Ramjet & Thrust become Popeman & Cardinal. (Crisis of Faith)

Abebird, Thunderwing, Bludgeon, and Mintor are sent to the Beast Wars through a magenta vortex. (Crisis of Faith)

Megatron uses the time machine to drop Ironhide off in the Beast Wars to find Abebird.

Nightbeat, Siren, and Prowl steal the time machine from the Decepticons and travel through the ages in search of Ironhide. (Time Travails, The Road Not Taken)

Abebird, Thunderwing, Bludgeon, and Mintor return to 1985 in the Autobot shuttle. (The Road Not Taken)

Prowl, Nightbeat, Siren, and Ironhide return to 1985 using the stolen Decepticon time machine. (The Road Not Taken)

Abebird gives birth to Megabird and some other guys have a baby too. Gears has a snack. (A Modest Proposal)

Perceptor's shuttle crashes into Toys "B" Us, destroying it. Octane, who was chasing Perceptor, arrives on Earth. (The Rubber Bung)

Abebird and his gang travel a few months into the past aboard the Lincoln Memorial, which has been outfitted with the Decepticon time machine. (The Rubber Bung)

Abebird and company return from near past. (The Rubber Bung)

The Autobots and Decepticons play Family Fued to decide who gets to keep an energy collector. (Fued for Thought)

Abebird moves out of the Decepticon base, taking the prisoner, Spike Witwicky, with her.

The Decepticons cheat at Family Fued and Starscream and Ironhide are forced into a duel to the death. The Autobots cheat to help Ironhide win. (The Idiot Within)

With Abebird missing, there's no one to take care of Megabird, so Megatron leaves her on the Autobots' doorstep. To get Elita's mind off the baby, the Autobots take a trip to Disney World, but leave Megabird home alone, so Megatron takes her back. (A Megabird in the Hand...)

Communications with Cyberton are cut off.

Kup arrives from Cybertron, babbling about some trouble facing the planet. (The Only Thing We Have to Fear is Beer Itself)

The Decepticons test the space bridge on some Insecticon clones, and they come back totally mangled. (The Only Thing We Have to Fear is Beer Itself)

At midnight, the Y87 bug causes various maladies to afflict the Autobots. (The Only Thing We Have to Fear is Beer Itself)


Kup leads a mission to rescue Perceptor from the Decepticons. Perceptor cures the Y87 bug. (The Only Thing We Have to Fear is Beer Itself)

Perceptor tells Prime about what he discovered on his deep space mission—that the Underbase is heading toward earth. (The Only Thing We Have to Fear is Beer Itself)

Commercials for Club Abe reveal the location of Abebird and Spike. Blaster, Carly, Nightbeat, and Siren mount a rescue and reconaissance mission. They don't rescue Spike, but they learn that Club Abe is a cover for Abebird's search for the missing Autobot Tapes that contain information about the Underbase. (The UnderAbe Saga Part 1: Beach Bimbo Blaster)

Megatron sends Starscream on a reconaissance mission to Club Abe.

Abebird's gang views the information stored on the Autobot tapes. (The UnderAbe Saga Part 2: Splish Splash, I Was Taking a Bath)

Starscream returns from his mission.

Starscream leads the Decepticons to Abebird's gang who have moved their base to the arctic. In the ensuing battle, Mintor teleports most of the Decepticons to Quintessa before being damaged himself. In the meantime, AU Soundwave abandons Spike in the arctic wastes, but give him a homing beacon with which to summon the Autobots. (The UnderAbe Saga Part 3: Cold War)

The Autobots respond to Spike's distress signal and battle the Decepticons in the arctic. While the other transformers are distracted, Abebird and his gang make for the Underbase. The others persue them, but are too late to stop Abebird from momentarily touching the Underbase and transferring some of its power to his underlings. Bludgeon and Thunderwing abandon the gang to tend Mintor's wounds while the others go on a rampage on Earth. The combined forces of the Autobots and Decepticons manage to stop them, but not without heavy casualties. The real Raul, Rocksteady, and Poprocks are released from subspace and kill their dopplegangers. Horrorclaw is exiled to the Island of Misfit Stereotypes and AU Soundwave is destroyed, but Perceptor, Jazz, Sideswipe, and Sunsteaker disappear. Finally, Abebird is tricked into absorbing the full power of the Underbase, which brings him near to overloading. Octane fires the killing shot. For this treachery, Megatron tries to kill Octane, but he seeks sanctuary with the Autobots. (The UnderAbe Saga Part 4: Cleaning House)


Prowl, Siren, and Nightbeat drop off the Maximals on Cybertron in 1999 using the stolen Decepticon time machine.

The Maximal Star Platform Alpha is built, orbiting the Earth.

Echowarrior pulls AU Soundwave into the mainstream universe. (Doggy Style)

To get his revenge on the Autobots, AU Soundwave and Terrorclaw, Raul, Poprocks, and Rocksteady travel back to 1985. (Doggy Style)

Echowarrior, Duchess, and Ramblast die. (Load of Crap-O)


Abebird rescues Megatron from the planet of Junk using the 2005 version of the Lincoln Memorial. (WWFF:TM)

Abebird restores the timeline, but loses his legs and is trapped in the future. (WWFF:TM)

Cyclonus's ears get attached to Abebird's head. (Out With The Old)

A temporal explosion sends Abebird back to 1985. (Out With The Old)


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