BotCon '99 Photo Album

MONKEY! Uh... Walky. The festivities began in the parking lot behind the luxurious Days Inn RiverCenter. Here we see Walky getting restless and taking it out on Skyflight. Scylla obviously finds this very amusing.

Also in the parking lot we spotted this guy. We thought he might be fellow WiiGii-er BaldEvil, but no one wanted to walk up to a bald guy and ask, "Are you um... Bald Evil?" Is he BaldEvil or isn't he? We may never know for sure.

We were also having some fun in the hotel lobby. The announcement board turned out to have some mystical powers. As you can see here, it responded correctly when we asked it, "What is the matter with WARendfeld, anyway?"

The hotel wildlife also proved quite fascinating. Here we see Princess Trixibelle-TinkyWinky-OompaLoompa who was caught by Trix. After wrestling the wild beast to the ground, it allowed Trix to brush its hair. Watch out Trix! It's going for your finger!

Ah, the RiverCentre. Our meeting place for this wonderful event. Note the scenic construction site on the left. Let's go inside and kill...Optimus...Prime.

What is a large group of TransFans to do while waiting for the convention to start? Why, tame a fly of course! Windchaser demonstrated this amazing ability that is apparently required material in Sweden.

Here's the punch that was served at the Friday night party. Be careful, we hear it's Decepticon counterpart is somewhere nearby!

In the dealer room, such quasi-celebrities as Ben Yee could be found. Here you can see how excited he gets when surrounded by so many Transformers. Also pictured is a 98 Degrees fan who wandered into the wrong convention. After we took this picture, thirty BotCon attendees converged to give him the beat down.

Here you can see the cheapest item at Transking's table. Just a mere 00 for a *** SEALED C-10 CASE FRESH *** GalvaConvoy. If you want the Cincinnatti variant, it's gonna cost you a lot more.

Trix has Cancer and she couldn't be happier!

Here's our whole group at the Burger King that we invaded. We were pretty hungery, since we were only eating one meal a day during the convention. Pictured from left to right are: Dalmatian, Trixter, Monocole, SwiftEagle, PerceptorTFWW, and the hand of someone who might be Rob Powers.

At our big Saturday night bash, we did a script reading of the BotCon Non-Exclusive WWFF, Trial of the Twenty-First Century. It went...well. We also read the MG-Dinobot "fanfics", which went better.

During the party, we took a moment to take a picture of the convention exclusive toys in their native environment. As you can see, Shit-Lords prefer American Standard toilets.

It's Mega-Rex, straight from MG-Dinobot's "fanfics," in his Messiah mode!

LiquidVelcro! has a special message for PerceptorTFWW, but to be fair, he didn't know that she was LV's girlfriend. Perhaps Mega-Rex can save him?

Buster, the flesh-eating guinea pig, rears his ugly head.

Megatron33 chows down on a fish sandwich at the end of the convention. Careful, it might be Duchess!

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