BotCon 2000 Photo Album

This year, Perc, Pic, Swift, Quez, Mon, Thy, and Lith drove from New Jersey to Fort Wayne. We would have flown, but Perc didn't want to take his original Megatron through the metal detectors... You can all thank Thy for these great pictures.

After a grueling thirteen hour drive from New Jersey, we finally arrived in Fort Wayne. Friday morning, we met up with some of our friends in the lobby of the Hilton. Pictured from left to right are Swift, Windy, Quez (seated) Lith, Mon, Dalmatian, Pic, Perc, and Walky's Ass.

During pre-registration on Friday afternoon, the WiiGii-ers took up their customary position blocking the exit. "#WiiGii! — Fire Hazard For Hire."

Swift and Quez ravenously guard Swift's Echowarrior kitbash.


Friday night before the semi-formal dinner, Trix modeled her evening-wear which was fashioned from a Transformers bed sheet. Pic uses his Transformers bed sheet to catch the crap that flies out of his guinea-pig's cage.








At the dinner, 3H revealed that they are hellspawn sent to suck our wallets dry. No, really. Just look at those creepy eyes. At least this explains Karl...

Here's another shot of some WiiGii-ers blocking a passageway. From left to right: TonyFitz, Phil "SkyJammer" Zeman, LiquidVelcro!, X4000, Walky (standing), Pyre[Rock] (sitting), Trent, Windy (hiding behind some guy... sorry if you're someone we should know), Rob Powers, Steve-O (back to camera), Hooper, CoolSlider (blocking Hoop's face), and Alan.

The first BotCon 2000 Exclusives porn! Yay! Watch out Shoky, Ape's going for your linq!

Pic holds court in the Hilton lobby. When he cries, "Entertain me!" you'd better do as he says, or suffer the terrible wrath of the Scorponok Arm!

Separated at birth, only their mother can tell them apart.

No one hates to see BotCon come to an end more than the Transformers. Here we see Ramjet taking a final, wistful look at the convention center before catching the last flight back to Cybertron.

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