Echowarrior by SwiftEagle, colors by Walky

Echowarrior, the dolphin/bat Fuzor with the head of a thirteen year old boy, is shown here sporting the latest in Maximal weaponry—the amazing laser-crossbow! Echowarrior was created when young William A. Rendfeld wandered into a field of rotten mayonnaise and radioactive sewage. Throw some aliens (not Quintessons, yeah right) into the mix and presto-chango, instant loser!


Echowarrior 3D Model by Raiden

Ah yes, and here we see Echowarrior in all his three-dee glory! Note the dolphin shoulder pads and socially inconvenient elbow blades. Wow, he even has his trusty laser crossbow. Now, if he could only find his skin...


Ceasefire captured by PerceptorTFWW
(from Transformers: The Fighting Game by Walky)

Ummm...there we were, just playing Walky's "demo" of a TF fighting game, when suddenly, as if they had minds of their own, ol' Oppy and Megs just wandered over near each other and...uh...assumed the position. We had to save it for posterity. We didn't spend hours trying to catch this, honest!


I Like Pie by Windchaser



Optimus Primal's Horrible Secret by PerceptorTFWW

You thought you knew all there was to know about Maximal leader Optimus Primal. But nothing can prepare you for the terrible truth revealed herein.


Rhinox is Death by Dalmatian

The undead form of Rhinox has the uncanny ability to stick his fingers right through a football and not deflate it. Amazing. I guess that's just one of the many perks of being Death himself.


Terrorclaw by SanityAssassin

WeStSiDe! Terrorclaw here looks like an escapee from an episode of Fat Albert. Abba ubba hooba dooba!


Terrorclaw: No Limit Soldier by SanityAssassin

Don't mess with this pimped-out Fuzor. Despite his head looking like a half-chewed caramel, he still knows how to dress for success.


The Burden of Leadership by Cornelius,
colors by PerceptorTFWW

Ever wonder just what Optimus Prime daydreams about? You're about to find out!


Megatron's Sunglasses by Cornelius,
colors by PerceptorTFWW

It's Megatron chillin' in his Hippie Glasses of Doom! Aaaaaay!


Ironhide and Friend by Cornelius,
colors by PerceptorTFWW

If you don't know by now, one of Ironhide's favorite pasttimes is tossing unsuspecting monkeys at poor, defenseless walls. Here he is captured in that moment of indicision, just before a pivotal throw.


Gay Tracks by CHI

We think that this brilliant interpretation by the ever-amazing CHI should finally put to rest any doubts about whether Tracks is gay—he is. Intrigued by the tit-missile at left? Click on through for an experience that will blow


Echowarrior 3D by Raiden

Well, well. It looks like Raiden has been practicing. This version of Echowarrior in 3D is much more hilarious than the last. I especially like the look of contentment on his shoulders and his even more disproportionate golfball head.


Optimus Picasso by Phlegm Goat

Phlegm Goat claims this is the world's worst Optimus, but I think it could almost be considered fine art. I definitely see shades of Picasso in there.


Primal, Perc, and Pic by Dalmatian

Wanna know what's got Primal's perennial ugliness in an uproar? It's none other than Pic and Perc playing one of the world's worst pranks on ol' monkey-butt!


Megabird by Windchaser

You've just read the epic tale of the birth of Megabird in A Modest Proposal (what? you haven't??? head over to the archives!) and you just have to know what the freakish progeny of Megatron and Abebird looks like? Your wait is over. Oh, and the dog's name is Joe.


MasterCard Ad by PerceptorTFWW and Picard42

You know those MasterCard ads on TV lately? The ones where they tell you the price of things? Of course you do. Well, we figured it was about time we gave 'em the TFWW treatment.

Click on the MasterCard logo and be patient while the animated GIF loads, or click here for a fast-loading Flash version.


Cheetor by Skyjammer, Age 8

Here's a great drawing of Cheetor, sent in by one of our younger fans. Well, young at heart, anyway...


Gup by Chris McFeely

Following on the heels of his great WWFF Universe drawing, Chris is the first to render the incomparable Gup. If you don't remember Gup's exploits, check out WWFF: The Movie. Here Gup is pictured with his archnemesis, the child-proof cap.


Horrorclaw by SanityAssassin

Horrorclaw is a lobster/crocodile Fuzor with the head of a 13-year-old African-American boy. Gee, where have we heard that one before?


Tastes Like Pie by Windchaser

Hmmm, here's an idea. Maybe the reason why Transformers like pie is because their robotic taste-buds make everything taste like pie. Or not. Check out this very "Last Dinner"-esque pic and decide for yourself.


Alternate Universe Soundwace by Perceptor, seeker of ultimate truths

Grrr... this pic is by the guy who stole Perc's name. But his drawing is pretty damn funny, so we can't deny it its rightful place in the gallery. Heh heh, Geoffrey with an afro. I want to be a Toys "B" Us kid.


Echostickwarrior by Goldimus Prime

Yuck, Ech on a stick. That's just gross. I wouldn't eat that if you paid me.


WWFF Writers in Black by Windchaser

Uhh, Windy, that last one was not sucking up. THIS is sucking up. But anyway, thanks for this cool rendition of us after another rough mission behind absurdity's lines. There ain't no way Tracks is getting his mojo back from the WIB.


Roadkill by Lithrael

This fine rendering of Roadkill makes us wonder why Megatron ever went back to Abebird. Roadkill here clearly has certain...assets...that Abebird lacks. When Roadkill's about, bots had better watch out, cause when this femme fatale has you in her sights, you'll find out how she earned her name.


Adult Megabird by Windy

After we artificially aged Megabird to adulthood, Windy just couldn't resist rendering the offspring for us once again. Ah, it's so rewarding to see your creations all grown up and packing heat.


D.U.M.B.A.S.S. by Walky

This image was supposed to be used a design for a mousepad featuring D.U.M.B.A.S.S., the evil multimedia kiosk (redundant, eh?) that was a recurring character is some of our later fanfics.


Future History by Walky

An image intended as a t-shirt, emblazoned with one of WARendfeld's most ridiculous claims to fame.


KBKM Mug Shot by Walky

Ever since the coffee-mug like er... mug of a certain evil genetic engineering project awry was noticed, it has been inevitable that Killer Bot King Man, who adopted the idea has his catch phrase, would be printed on just such a drinking apparatus. Or at least, that was the reason we commissioned this image.


Monkey! by Walky

You know you want to find out what the monkey is saying. Don't deny it.


Rude Awakening, Part 1 by Perc

OK, we'll admit it. We actually had to go to some effort to get this one. Go ahead, you know you want to click on it.


Rude Awakening, Part 2 by Perc

If your brain is still functioning and you're a glutton for punishment, check out part two for an up close and personal view of the action.

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